What is included in EdiFabric Enterprise and Subscription editions?


.NET Framework 4.0 or .NET Core 2.0 as the minimum.


EdiFabric contains:

  1. EdiFabric.nupkg NuGet package
  2. The following EDI Templates as C# files:
  3. Entity Framework DBContexts as C# files for:
    • EDIFACT 
    • X12 
    • HIPAA 
    • EANCOM 
  4. Standard support for 1, 2, or 3 years depending on the selected plan
  5. Product and template updates for 1, 2, or 3 years depending on the selected plan.
  6. Full License Terms


Enterprise and Subscription features:

Feature  Enterprise Subscription
EDI Translation (EDI to .NET objects)
EDI Generation (.NET objects to EDI)
EDI Validation
Entity Framework support for X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT and EANCOM
JSON support (using Json.NET)
XML support (using XmlSerializer and DataContractSerializer)
Large transactions split
Configurable EDI templates
X12 templates
EDIFACT templates
HIPAA 5010 templates
HIPAA 4010 templates
EANCOM templates
PNRGOV templates
VDA Translation
VDA Generation
VDA Validation
VDA templates
HL7 Translation
HL7 Generation
HL7 Validation
HL7 templates
NCPDP Telecommunications Translation
NCPDP Telecommunications Generation
NCPDP Telecommunications Validation
NCPDP Telecommunications templates
NCPDP SCRIPT Translation
NCPDP SCRIPT templates
Flat files and CSV Translation
Flat files and CSV Generation
Flat files and CSV Validation
Standard support
Product updates
EDIFACT CONTRL Acknowledgment
X12 TA1 Acknowledgment
X12 997 Acknowledgment
X12 999 Acknowledgment
Subscription to EDI Webpad


Does it support my EDI transaction or version?

If you can't find the EDI template for your transaction listed in any of the links above - please let us know and we'll prepare one for you (free of charge for all EDIFACT UN transactions).

If you don't know the exact EDI version you need but have a sample file - here is how to work it all out.

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