How to configure EdiNation?

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All configuration settings for EdiNation are available via the settings button in the top-right corner.


API key

Set your API key for use throughout EdiNation. Go to Your Account & API key article to learn how to acquire an API key.

To use EdiNation you need an API key. The free plan comes with the following API key: 3ecf6b1c5cf34bd797a5f4c57951a1cf, which is set automatically.



Use a custom EDI model

By default, EdiNation matches all EDI transactions to their corresponding system EDI models. You can create your own versions of the EDI models to match any partner-specific requirement.

Paste the model name in the Translate according to this EDI format box.



Explicitly assume all files are of a specific EDI standard

By default, EdiNation works out the EDI standard of the uploaded file automatically. You can change this to use an explicit EDI standard for ALL files.



Return null values in JSON

By default, the JSON representation ignores all null values for better readability and performance. You can, however, configure the settings for the JSON to include all null values, and have visibility of what is missing from the underlying EDI model. 

Enable the Return null values in JSON response setting.



Generate X12 999 acknowledgments

By default, the generated acknowledgments for X12 are TA1 and 997.

Enable the Set X12 ACK to 999 setting.



Override the validation of alpha and alphanumeric types

By default, EdiNation validates alpha and alphanumeric data element types according to the rules of the corresponding EDI standard. EDIFACT defines this in the syntax identifier in UNB. For X12, the extended character set is used, etc.

Paste all symbols to use for AN and A data types in the All the characters to validate alpha and alphanumeric types box.



Enable sequence numbers validation for LX segments in X12

Line numbers span across loops in some X12 transactions. If you want to validate for consecutive line numbers that start from 1, enable the Enable sequence counter validation in X12 LX segments setting.



Save the changes

Always save the configuration changes by clicking on the Save button.


The settings are saved as cookies and you need to have sufficient rights to do that.


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