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Ed Hasan

My system generates a different UOM in PO-103 and SCH-02.   My supplier is saying this is NOT an X12 standard.  All my other suppliers accept it.  Can someone please clarify if the Unit of Measure in PO-103 must be the same as SCH-02 or else it is not according to the X12 standard??






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    Zachary Spriggs

    According to a v4010 850 reference I found online; "The SCH segment is used to specify various quantities of items ordered that are to be scheduled. When this segment is used the unit of measurement code (SCH02) should always be identical to the unit of measurement code in the associated PO1 segment (PO103) and the sum of values of quantity (SCH01) should always equal the quantity ordered (PO102) in the PO1 segment."


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