Type with attribute [Message(X12, 005010I20, 837)] was not found in assembly


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    Don Zoeggerle


    Your assumption is correct and the reason for the error message is that there is no template for "005010I20".

    The message being 837 (P or I ?) can still be parsed if you use type factory:

    var ediReader = new X12Reader(ediStream, TypeFactory) 

    private static TypeInfo TypeFactory(ISA isa, GS gs, ST st)
    if(st.TransactionSetIdentifierCode_01 == "837")
    return typeof(TS837P).GetTypeInfo();

    throw new Exception("Transaction not supported.");

    005010I20 is a proprietary version and the implementation guideline for it can be purchased from IAIABC (link here). It will contain the correct codes/customizations of the standard 837 template. Contact us here to discuss how we can help you with this.

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