Segment SBR*P* is not allowed in this position only SBR can appear.

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Yehor Bolshakov

Hi Guys!

Clients sends files with white spaces in segment SBR element 3 as in screenshot from
SBR03 is listed as optional in the specification. Therefore, an empty value for this element is legal.

But get validation error.

Segment SBR is not allowed -> only SBR can appear. This error does not clear and hard to understand what the reason of failure.

Is this a bug or expected behavior?


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    Yes, this is by design. The error message means that SBR is not expected at this position because segments are matched by:

    • The segment ID
    • The first data element (if it is an ID type)
    • The second data element (if the first is an ID type, and this is an ID type)

    Obviously, your SBR lacks the second ID; hence the parser reports it invalid.

    You can amend the template to either:

    1. Add blank "" to ID type X12_ID_1069_6, which only allows "18".
    2. Change the second data element, IndividualRelationshipCode_02, to be X12_AN type instead of ID.

    Do all the changes to a new template and upload it using the model editor. Then use the "read model" property to execute this particular model when translating files from your partner.


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