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Richard Dixon


I'm still using the trial version of EdiFabric so I don't think I have access to see how the templates are fully defined yet (correct me if I'm wrong please).   The Hipaa template covers the 278 transaction with version 005010X217.  However, there are two other 278 request/response pairs:


005010X215 - Inquiry and Response

005010X216 - Notification and Response


I'm currently working with the X215 Inquiry transaction.  That doesn't exist in the Hipaa template, which seems correct, but when I use EdiFabric.Templates.X12 as the template for my X12Reader, it appears to be using the 4010 template to parse my data, despite my X12 data being 5010.  The transaction in my ediItems is of type: {EdiFabric.Templates.X12004010.TS278}

The enveloping/header data I am using is sample data from a trading partner:

ISA*00* *00* *ZZ*RELAYHEALTH *ZZ* *161121*1326*^*00501*770985302*1*P*>

all of the version fields are mentioning 5010.


General question based on this:  Is the 5010 version of the X12 278 Inquiry transaction supported currently?  



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    Hi Richard,

    Regarding your question - Is the 5010 version of the X12 278 Inquiry transaction supported currently? - the answer is yes and no.

    • Yes, because Edifabric supports all transactions for the X12/HIPAA standards; however, we only provide templates for the following HIPAA transactions. For all transactions for which templates aren't available, you need to create your own templates either from scratch or by modifying an existing one.
    • No, because there is no template for 005010X215; however, you can use the existing template for 005010X217 to parse 005010X215 messages. You need to set up the reader with type factory (code example) with the HIPAA templates:
    using (var ediReader = new X12Reader(ediStream, TypeFactory))
    ediItems = ediReader.ReadToEnd().ToList();

    public static TypeInfo TypeFactory(ISA isa, GS gs, ST st)
    if (gs.VersionAndRelease_8 == "005010X215" ||
    st.ImplementationConventionPreference_03 == "005010X215")
    return typeof(TS278).GetTypeInfo();

    throw new Exception(string.Format("Transaction {0} for version {1} is not supported.",
    st.TransactionSetIdentifierCode_01, gs.VersionAndRelease_8));

    The demo only has X12 4010 templates, as explained here; however, we could send you templates for different versions if you request them here.

    The full product provides templates for these EDI standards (every checkmark is a C# file/template). An example of a C# template can be found here (full template for HIPAA 5010 837P).


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