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Robin Reiß


I'm new to the EdiFabric-Framework and EDI or EDIFACT in general.

After some tests with the trial-version, I'm wondering if it's possible to validate semantic contents like the 'C507'-Data Element in the 'DTM'-Segment. The reason for this question is, that i passed some wrong formatted values to the component data element '2380' and no error occured during valdation, even though the value of the component data element '2379' was set to "102" (CCYYMMDD) and the value of '2380' was set to "20181301" (CCYY: 2018 MM: 13 << Wrong DD: 01), what is definitly wrong.

Thanks in advance!



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    Hello Robin,

    You can implement your own custom validation in two ways:

    1. Create your own validation attribute and apply it to the relevant properties. This one needs to inherit from ValidationAttribute.

    2. Implement custom validation on segment\loop\complex element by implementing IEdiValidator.

    More info here. Also, examples are available as part of the trial SDK here.

    Currently, this is built in for X12 only and I'll add Edifact DTM validation to be included in one of the upcoming releases. Please follow the release log for when it becomes available.




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