270 file to EDI template - Unable to find in the trial

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Santosh Jami

I downloaded the trial version. And am referring to the following article to convert 271 to EDI template: https://support.edifabric.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001584072-How-to-create-a-project-for-my-EDI-templates-

In step 3 in the above article, I see that I need to add HIPAA_5010_271 to my project, but I cannot find this file in the SDK that I downloaded. 

How do I proceed from here to convert my 271 file to EDI template?


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    To convert your 271 file to EDI ALL you need to do is to change the file path to your file in 

    EdiFabric.Sdk.sln\1. EDI Translation Demo\EdiFabric.Sdk.Demo\Program.cs

    The article you refer to is for building your own template projects in the same way all the projects with .Tamplates. in their name are in EdiFabric.Sdk.sln. 

    The trial provides HIPAA_5010_271.cs compiled in the referenced package EdiFabric.Templates.X12




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