DTP Segment Property Naming in HIPAA Templates - “Accident Date” Everywhere in DTP_03?



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    There is no reason for this particular naming. The brilliant thing about the templates is that they are "templates" and are supposed to be configured to fit any custom requirement.

    All property names and class names can be renamed to whatever you believe corresponds better to your situation. We are happy to consider a more generic name for this property should you have any suggestions.


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    Thank you for your kind reply and for your willingness to entertain suggestions. Understood- templates are meant to be trivially customizable (which is a wonderful thing!). All the same, it would be beneficial for generic segments in the "out-of-the-box" template classes to use appropriately-generic property names as that's less likely to be confusing to the uninitiated and of benefit to those who intend to use the standard templates either as-is or as a base for extension/modification.

    The following is in the context of the HIPAA 271, but may apply to other HIPAA templates as well.

    I would suggest renaming the ubiquitous "Accident_Date_03" properties in "DTP" segments to "DateTimePeriod_03" in all templates where the former naming is pervasive.

    I would also encourage you to consider renaming the DTP_DependentDate_2 class in the 271 templates to DTP_EligibilityOrBenefitDate (it appears in both subscriber and dependent loops in 2110C/2110D eligibility or benefit detail loops within the same and can override the Subscriber 2100C and Dependent 2100D level DTP segments), and renaming the DTP_DependentDate class used for 2100C/2100D in the template to DTP_SubscriberOrDependentDate.

    Thanks again for following up.

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