Getting Started

This page is an overview of the EdiFabric documentation and related resources.

EdiFabric provides developer tools for manipulating EDI documents. There are two separate products - EDI .NET Tools (for Microsoft .NET) and EDI API (for any language that can consume REST APIs)

Try EdiFabric

EdiFabric's products have been designed from the start for gradual adoption, and you can use as little or as much EdiFabric as you need. Whether you want to get a taste of EdiFabric or start a complex EdiFabric-powered app, the links in this section will help you get started.

Learn EdiFabric

People come to EdiFabric from different backgrounds and with different learning styles. Whether you prefer a more theoretical or practical approach, we hope you’ll find this section helpful.

Although EdiFabric only requires basic knowledge of .NET and EDI, it does have a learning curve. With practice and some patience, you will get the hang of it.

API Reference

This documentation section is useful when you want to learn more details about a particular item.

Supported formats

All EdiFabric products support X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT, EANCOM, VDA, and IATA standards, and all transaction sets are provided either as ready-made templates or can be created on-demand.

List of available templates per standard:

I'm new to EDI

Familiarize yourself with the basics of EDI

Something Missing ?

Please use the search or the FAQ section to try and find an answer to your question. If something is missing in the documentation or if you found some part confusing, please file an issue with your suggestions for improvement, or tweet at the @edifabric account. We love hearing from you!