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The IATA Passenger and Airport Data Interchange Standards (IATA PADIS) is used with both EDIFACT and XML syntaxes. IATA's passenger data comprises of Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Records (PNR). This data can be a useful tool for governments' border control or security processing as it can help them pre-identify travelers and patterns.

The main messages are PADIS PNRGOV Message Standards, which are subsets of the EDIFACT standard. These messages are intended to facilitate the exchange of data relevant to government requirements on PNR data and Airlines reservation systems.


EDI Tools for .NET supports all transactions for the IATA PADIS standard.

A collection of ready-to-use IATA templates is offered as part of the product, however, if a transaction is missing, or needs to be modified, please contact us.

All IATA templates are also available in interactive view in EDI Webpad:

View IATA EDI Templates

Additional IATA PADIS resources:

Currently, the only EDI template for IATA PADIS is PNRGOV for versions 12.1, 11.1, and 10.1.

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