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  • Contact us at to schedule it. It takes anything between 30/60 minutes, and we will showcase the product features and general usage.

  • The minimum supported versions are .NET Framework 4.5 and .NET 6

  • Yes, all of the EDI templates are provided as part of the paid plans for the following EDI standards. Supported versions and message types

  • New versions are released when there is either demand or differ significantly from the latest we offer. You can also request new templates by contacting us.

  • Everyone who is still using any of the open-source EdiFabric Framework versions, like 7.3.1 or 8.0.1, for example, is entitled to a 15% discount if they decide to upgrade to the latest version and are willing to feature in as a case study.
    Please contact us at for details. Note: The old open-source versions and EDI templates are incompatible with the latest framework, and any upgrade should be treated as a completely new project. We do not support any of the open-source versions.

  • You will receive a serial key to apply programmatically like this:

    EdiFabric.SerialKey.Set("Valid Serial Key");

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