VDA 4905, 4906, 4908, 4913, 4915

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VDA develops standards and best practices to serve the needs of companies within the German automotive industry. The VDA has developed over thirty messages to meet the need of companies such as VW, Audi, Bosch, Continental, and Daimler AG.

Some of the most popular messages are 4905, 4906, 4908, 4913, etc.


EDI Tools for .NET supports all transactions for the VDA standard.

A collection of ready-to-use VDA templates is offered as part of the product, however, if a transaction is missing, or needs to be modified, please contact us.

All VDA templates are also available in interactive view:

View VDA Templates

The table below shows the VDA templates which are available in EDI Tools for .NET. The "Message" column shows the transaction IDs.


VDA templates

Message Description
4905 Delivery instruction
4906 Invoice
4907 Remittance Advice
4908 Credit Advice
4913 Delivery Note
4915 Detailed Call Off (JIT)
4927 Equipment Statement
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