VDA 4905 Delivery Instruction

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VDA 4905 Delivery Instruction

Delivery schedules are primarily used in the automotive industry to update demands that change in quantity and time at specific time intervals. A new delivery schedule completely replaces a previous delivery schedule. The DFÜ delivery schedule transfers data that is also contained in the delivery order form. The VDA standard form “Delivery Schedule (Lieferabruf)" is described in VDA Recommendation 4904. The standard form VDA4904 is sent only to suppliers who do not have a DFÜ.


VDA 4905 Specification

VDA 4905 specification is available at:


VDA 4905 Code Example

VDA 4905 code example is available at:


VDA 4905 Sample File

5110259012    00323625 0002200023121115111231                                                                                   
5120103 187      121115186      1211091514280009100                               CGF-56026482A 13     STL                      
51301121113432701        0000003460000000019427121115000000000000000                                                            
5150100000013021300000000000000001303150000000000                               000000                                          
5180107-08140295/04                          23-09140029                                                                        
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