What is EdiNation?

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Translate and validate EDI files in the browser

EdiNation is an online EDI files editor, translator, and validator.

With EdiNation you can do the following, directly in your browser:

  • Analyze whether your EDI files are compliant with their guidelines
  • Cross-reference all validation errors, if any, with the guideline
  • View EDI files in an interactive and hierarchical format
  • Edit EDI files 
  • Generate 997, 999, TA1, or CONTRL acknowledgments
  • Download the EDI guidelines for all EDI messages in the analyzed EDI file

It's a lightweight HTML and JavaScript web application built on top of our EDI API. 



EdiNation comes with a free plan allowing you to translate up to 50 EDI files a day without an account. In order to use it more frequently, you need to create an account.


EdiNation Tutorials

To learn more about how to translate and validate EDI files with EdiNation try these tutorials:

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