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EDI API supports all transactions for the X12 standard

A collection of ready-to-use X12 models is offered as part of the product, however, if a model is missing, or needs to be modified, please contact us.

These models cover the standard ASC X12 transactions and can also be used for VICS X12 and UCS X12.

Explore X12 Models 

You can download the OpenAPI 3 schema for each model (Swagger.json) whilst exploring the models.

Model X12 version
EdiNation.X12.ASC.002040 002040
EdiNation.X12.ASC.003010 003010
EdiNation.X12.ASC.003020 003020
EdiNation.X12.ASC.003030 003030
EdiNation.X12.ASC.003040 003040
EdiNation.X12.ASC.003050 003050
EdiNation.X12.ASC.003060 003060
EdiNation.X12.ASC.003070 003070
EdiNation.X12.ASC.004010 004010
EdiNation.X12.ASC.004020 004020
EdiNation.X12.ASC.004030 004030
EdiNation.X12.ASC.004040 004040
EdiNation.X12.ASC.004050 004050
EdiNation.X12.ASC.005010 005010
EdiNation.X12.ASC.005020 005020
EdiNation.X12.ASC.005030 005030
EdiNation.X12.ASC.005040 005040
EdiNation.X12.ASC.005050 005050
EdiNation.X12.ASC.006010 006010
EdiNation.X12.ASC.006020 006020
EdiNation.X12.ASC.006030 006030
EdiNation.X12.ASC.006040 006040
EdiNation.X12.ASC.006050 006050
EdiNation.X12.ASC.007010 007010
EdiNation.X12.ASC.007020 007020
EdiNation.X12.ASC.007030 007030
EdiNation.X12.ASC.007040 007040

The official implementation guides can be obtained from here.

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