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EDI API supports all transactions for the EDIFACT standard

A collection of ready-to-use EDIFACT models is offered as part of the product, however, if a model is missing, or needs to be modified, please contact us.

These models cover the standard UN EDIFACT transactions.

Explore EDIFACT Models 

You can download the OpenAPI 3 schema for each model (Swagger.json) whilst exploring the models.

Model EDIFACT version
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.1911 1.911
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D93A D.93A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D94A D.94A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D94B D.94B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D95A D.95A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D95B D.95B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D96A D.96A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D96B D.96B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D97A D.97A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D97B D.97B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D98A D.98A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D98B D.98B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D99A D.99A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D99B D.99B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D00A D.00A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D00B D.00B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D01A D.01A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D01B D.01B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D01C D.01C
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D02A D.02A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D02B D.02B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D03A D.03A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D03B D.03B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D04A D.04A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D04B D.04B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D05A D.05A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D05B D.05B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D06A D.06A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D06B D.06B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D07A D.07A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D07B D.07B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D08A D.08A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D08B D.08B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D09A D.09A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D09B D.09B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D10A D.10A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D10B D.10B
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D11A D.11A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D12A D.12A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D13A D.13A
EdiNation.Edifact.UN.D16A D.16A

The official implementation guides can be obtained from here.

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