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To upgrade from the trial, replace the trial serial key with your full one.

There is no need to replace any of the product NuGet packages or DLLs. However, we recommend uninstalling/removing the trial templates (listed below) and replacing them with your own template projects using the C# templated included in the product.


Replace the trial templates with your own template projects

Look at step 3 in the Create New Project article to create a new project for the EDI templates.

  • EdiFabric.Templates.Edifact.dll
  • EdiFabric.Templates.Hipaa.dll
  • EdiFabric.Templates.Padis.dll
  • EdiFabric.Templates.Vda.dll
  • EdiFabric.Templates.X12.dll
  • EdiFabric.Templates.Ncpdp.dll
  • EdiFabric.Templates.Hl7.dll
  • EdiFabric.Templates.Edigas.dll


BEFORE: An example solution for reading an 837P using the trial templates

Uninstall all trial template packages (EdiFabric.Templates.Hipaa):



AFTER: An example solution for reading an 837P using the provided C# templates

  1. Create a new project(s) for your EDI templates and add the corresponding C# files, including the common ones for each version (ClassLibrary1).
  2. Add reference(s) to the projects created in the previous step.


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