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Upgrading from the trial version of EDI Tools for .NET to the paid version is a three-step process.

First, you need to replace the trial DLL"EdiFabric.dll" with the paid DLL "EdiFabric.dll". You can distinguish between the DLLs by right-clicking ->Properties and going to the file details tab:


The product name is different for the trial and the paid versions.

Then you need to remove the trial template DLLs and replace them with new project(s) using the provided C# files for all EDI templates.

Finally, you need to replace the trial serial key with the paid serial key.

Let's go over each step in more detail. Transitioning from the trial to the paid version is not a simple serial number change. It's a three-step process, so allocate at least an hour to complete it. It also requires a re-test and a rebuild.


How to upgrade from the trial to the paid version

  1. Download EdiFabric.Enterprise or EdiFabric.Subscription by using the download link in the order email.
  2. Remove all references to the trial DLLs from all projects in your solution(s). The following DLLs must be removed:
    1. EdiFabric.Trial.10.X.X.nupkg
    2. EdiFabric.Templates.Edifact.dll
    3. EdiFabric.Templates.Hipaa.dll
    4. EdiFabric.Templates.Padis.dll
    5. EdiFabric.Templates.Vda.dll
    6. EdiFabric.Templates.X12.dll
    7. EdiFabric.Templates.Ncpdp.dll
    8. EdiFabric.Templates.Hl7.dll
    9. EdiFabric.Templates.Edigas.dll
  3. Follow the steps in the Install EDI Tools for .NET article to install the paid version of EdiFabric.
  4. Create a new project for the EDI templates, see step 3 in the Create New Project article.
  5. Replace the trial serial key with the paid serial key.

    EdiFabric.SerialKey.Set("Your serial key");


Example solution for reading an 837P

This example illustrates the changes to the project structure when upgrading from the trial to the paid version. The highlighted snippets in red need to be removed and the highlighted snippets in green need to be added. The trial EdiFabric (either the package or the DLL) must be changed to the paid EdiFabric.


An example solution using the trial version

  1. Remove EdiFabric.dll/EdiFabric.Trial
  2. Remove all other DLLs/packages whose names begin with EdiFabric 
  3. Remove all references in the code to the trial packages



The same solution after being upgraded to the paid version

  1. Create a new project(s) for your EDI templates and add the corresponding C# files, including the common ones for each version.
  2. Add reference(s) to the projects created in the previous step.
  3. Install/add the paid EdiFabric to ALL projects.
  4. Add reference(s) in the code to the project(s) created in step 1.


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