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EDI API defines VDA resources for all VDA messages, batches, and the validation/operation result, that are represented by JSON.



FlatMessage object represents a VDA file. You get an array of VDA objects as part of the Read operation when translating a VDA file to JSON. The Read operation supports VDA files that contain batches of messages, that's why the response is an array. In most situations, the array will contain only a single item. 

The FlatMessage object can be used with the Write operation, to translate it into a VDA file, and with the Validate operation, to validate that the message data is correct.



POST /vda/read Response
POST /vda/write Request
POST /vda/validate Request



    "Id": "511",
    "Value": {
      "S511": {
        "RecordType_01": "511",
        "Version_02": "02",
        "CustomerCode_03": "59012    ",
        "SupplierCode_04": "00323625 ",
        "TransmissionNumberOld_05": "00022",
        "TransmissionNumberNew_06": "00023",
        "TransmissionDate_07": "121115",
        "StartingDate_08": "111231",
        "Blanks_09": "                                                                                   "
      "_comment": "... the rest of model specific content goes here ...",
      "Model": "EdiNation.Vda",
      "ErrorContext": {
        "Name": "511",
        "Index": 0,
        "ValidatedSegmentsCount": 0,
        "Codes": [],
        "Errors": [],
        "HasErrors": false
    "Result": {
      "LastIndex": 0,
      "Details": [],
      "Status": "success"



  • Id string

    The ID of the header segment

  • Value Transaction object

    The transaction. This can be any type that represents a transaction which is also recognized as a model by EdiNation.

    The following transaction models are available as System models:

  • Result OperationResult object

    The operation result.

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