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Steve Lynn

Is it possible to handle a floating NTE segment with a custom template? I am currently running into an issue processing X12 3030 860s with floating NTE segments. The segment can appear in multiple positions  

Segment NTE*PUR*some text,  is not allowed in this position. Ensure that the segment ID and the EDI codes in positions 1 and 2, if any, match the specification.


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    In the future, please raise all queries in the dedicated portal - link here - because we don't monitor this public forum that often.

    Regarding your issue - there must be a placeholder for any segment in the template. According to the specification for X12 3030 860 - link here - a repeating NTE can appear at root position 3, after ST and BCH. If it appears anywhere else in your message, then your message is invalid.

    Suppose your messages adhere to a modified specification, e.g., a proprietary one that differs from the standard X12 3030 860 specification. In that case, you must create a custom template copy for this partner and add additional NTE segments in the positions/loops your partner will send them.

    If you send a sample message or your partner specification, we'll be able to do the modifications for you but raise this as a ticket in the support portal. To obfuscate your data, read your file with X12Reader, then write it out with X12Writer and use X12WriteSettings {Obfuscate = true}, link to an example here.


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