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Lucas Falk

I am looking at the rules file for EF_HIPAA_005010X222A1_837 in the demo SDK. I see the base TS837 object and how it references an ST object. I do not see where the ST object defines min/max lengths of strings. Is this kind of stuff validated in the paid version?

I also see where date objects are strings and are converted to their required format before sending to EDIFabric. Is there a reason EDIFabric doesn't handle this conversion for us?





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    Hi Lucas,

    ST is a standard segment and is validated elsewhere. You can get the latest version of the demo because we did add validation for ST and SE just yesterday. It is supported in the demo as well.

    EdiFabric handles all data elements as strings, regardless. There are so many variations of the data formats that it is up to the consumer to apply the correct one according to their situation. This is by design.





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