ISA Subelement Separator Not Being Recognized When Parsing Composite Element



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    Don Zoeggerle


    The issue is with your file, which is invalid. The reader resorts to the default set od separators with ~ as the composite separator because your ISA is incorrect (must be 106 characters).

    This might be considered an issue - the reader must either reject the file immediately or at least flag the consumer. We'll make sure this is reflected in the ErrorContext.

    If you correct your file and try with a valid one it would be read according to the template.



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    Thank you- I trusted in the (non-existent) integrity of the file a bit too much, this in light of the source (the CMS 270/271 Companion Document PDF Appendix A- which is indeed missing padding in ISA02, ISA04, ISA06, and ISA08); flagging this issue in the ErrorContext sounds like an excellent idea. With a corrected header (below) all works as expected when parsing EB13.

    ISA*00*          *00*          *ZZ*CMS            *ZZ*SUBMITTERID    *160127*0758*^*00501*111111111*0*P*|~

    Notably, when I tried to copy/paste the corrected ISA into this forum's web editor, most spaces in the padded elements were stripped in the process as well, so I had to manually add them back in above.  My guess is something similar happened when they created the CMS documentation- something I'll be keeping in mind moving forward when copying samples from companion documents or when sharing samples.

    Thanks again.

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