X12Reader Memory Leak


Hi, I am running into an issue with memory usage when reading batches of 835/837 files using the X12Reader.  I've tried using the Splitter attribute but the problem is actually after the file has been parsed the X12Reader doesn't appear to release the memory it's used (obviously I'm using a using block).  I've tried manually calling Dispose as well as forcing a garbage collection but nothing has worked so far. 

As I'm processing 1,000s of files, the memory use just keeps growing to a point where the utility I created slows to a crawl.  Any ideas or suggestions appreciated!




  • Which version are you using? 9.8.7 is known for multiple memory leaks all of which were fixed in

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  • Thanks Don, I was using 9.8.7.  Upgrading to as you suggested worked great.  Thank you!!

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