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David Reck

I am new to EDIFabric.  I have the Professional version.

I created a new .NET Core Class library and referenced the two nuget packages I received.

EdiFabric.Core.Full (

EdiFabric.Framework.Full (

I also added all the HIPAA template files to the library.

Here is the code, which is basically the sample.

var ediStream = File.OpenRead(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + @"\271Sample.txt");

List<IEdiItem> ediItems;
using (var ediReader = new X12Reader(ediStream, "EdiFabric.Templates.Hipaa"))
ediItems = ediReader.ReadToEnd().ToList();

var transactions = ediItems.OfType<TS271>();

foreach (var transaction in transactions)
if (transaction.HasErrors)
// partially parsed
var errors = transaction.ErrorContext.Flatten();

I'm getting this error.

Exception = {"Could not load file or assembly 'EdiFabric.Templates.Hipaa, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. The system cannot find the file specified."}

I'm able to load the ISA and GS segments but everything below those fails.  Am I missing an assembly or something?


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    Hi David,

    This line tells the reader where the templates are:

    using (var ediReader = new X12Reader(ediStream, "EdiFabric.Templates.Hipaa"))

    and it expects "EdiFabric.Templates.Hipaa", which is the trial.

    You have to change this to the name of your project, e.g. the name of the project to which you added the HIPAA templates to.

    Also, I'd recommend you to upgrade to the latest EdiFabric, 10.1.0, by contacting, because of the many improvements that have gone into it.

    In addition to this, please raise all support tickets here.



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