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    Don Zoeggerle


    The parser "knows" nothing. It is transaction-agnostic. Everything is driven by the attributes and in effect you don't even need the templates because you can apply the attributes to any .NET class.

    The templates represent EDI transactions according to the guidelines of the official X12 standard and are intentionally provided in their simplest and raw form. There is intentionally no automation (both for setters and getters) and never will be as part of the core product. The templates are meant to be "live" classes that "are highly likely" to be amended to match:

    1. Partner specific customization

    2. Custom extension

    Following from the above - you can add whatever extra code you need to your template (in the DTP constructor or elsewhere) that would set whatever values you need automatically populated. At the end of the day, the template is simply a hierarchy of C# classes which you can amend at will, just like you would have with the rest of your C# classes.

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