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VDA 4905 Specification

VDA 4905 specification is available at:


VDA 4905 Sample File

VDA 4905 sample file is available at:


EDI Tools for .NET C# Examples

The example below is part of the EDI Tools for .NET C# Code Examples.

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The Parse VDA 4905 code is also available on GitHub


Additional operations for VDA 4905


How to parse VDA 4905 with EDI Tools for .NET

using EdiFabric.Core.Model.Edi;
using EdiFabric.Examples.VDA.Common;
using EdiFabric.Framework;
using EdiFabric.Framework.Readers;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Text;

namespace EdiFabric.Examples.VDA.Read
    class ReadVDA
        public static void Run()

            //  1.  Load to a stream 
            Stream ediStream = File.OpenRead(Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() + @"\..\..\..\Files\Vda_4905_02.txt");

            //  2.  Read a single transaction
            List<IEdiItem> ediItems;

            using (var ediReader = new VdaReader(ediStream, MessageContextFactory))
                ediItems = ediReader.ReadToEnd().ToList();
        private static MessageContext MessageContextFactory(string segment)
            var id = segment.Substring(0, 5);
            switch (id)
                case "51102":
                    return From4905(segment);

            return null;

        private static MessageContext From4905(string segment)
            var newControlNumber = segment.Substring(29, 5);
            var sender = segment.Substring(15, 9);
            var receiver = segment.Substring(6, 9);

            return new MessageContext("4905", newControlNumber, "1", null, "VDA", null, sender, "", receiver, "", mc => Assembly.Load(new AssemblyName("EdiFabric.Templates.Vda")));
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