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If you purchased EdiFabric EDI Tools, Enterprise or Subscription, use your EdiNation API key as the serial key for EdiFabric. This article will explain where to find your API/serial key.

So you want to give EdiNation a spin and want to understand what you can and can't do? You're in the right place!


Your Free Plan

You don't need an account to use EdiNation's free plan. You only need an account when subscribing to a paid plan, which you can do by signing up here.

The free plan allows you to use all features of EdiNation with the following limitations:

  • Up to 50 API calls a day
  • Up to 6 API calls per minute
  • Maximum file size 3MB


Your API Key

To use EdiNation you need an API key. The free plan comes with the following API key: 3ecf6b1c5cf34bd797a5f4c57951a1cf

  1. When you subscribe to a paid plan, you'll be provided with a separate API key by signing in to your account:


    If you are logging in for the first time, select Forgot your password? to set up a new password.


  2. Then install your API key (this may take a few seconds):


    Your API key is now available in the settings:


  3. Your API key is ready for use in the web EDI Translator. To use the API key to access the EDI API set it as an HTTP header parameter:

    Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key = {Your API key}


You can also access your API key, or generate a new one if you have to, from the developer portal.


View Usage Data

Every plan comes with a quota that defines how many API calls you are allowed for the duration of your term when throttling kicks in and what happens after you've reached your quota limits.

Every request to our API is measured as an API call. Upon reaching the quota limit and depending on your plan, any subsequent API calls will either fail (for plans without overage) or incur an overage fee per API call (as specified in the plan).

We alert developers via email when they are approaching 85% of their quota limit and have reached 100% of their quota limit.

The quota period starts at the time of your subscription and ends after the specified number of days according to your plan (usually 30 days) from that time.

Web EDI Translator uses two API calls every time you click any of the translation buttons, one API call for translation and one API call for validation.

The quota is shared between EDI API and Web EDI Translator when they are used with the same API key.

To view your usage data, log in to the developer portal and select the "Reports" menu:



How to Manage your Account

You can manage your billing details by signing in to your account and selecting Manage billing:



In the billing portal, you can download previous invoices, change your billing information or cancel your account.


How to Cancel your Account

To cancel your account sign in to your account and select Manage billing:


Click on the "Cancel plan" button to close your account and cancel your plan. This will remove all the history of your usage for all previous periods.


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