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So you want to give EdiNation a spin, or you've already signed up for your free account and want to understand what you can and can't do? You're in the right place!


Sign up for your Free Account

  1. Head on over to to sign up for your free account. You'll need an email address.
  2. Once you finish the signup, login and you should see your portal dashboard. This is your home for finding your API Keys, checking your usage, managing your subscriptions, and more.
  3. You need to subscribe to the EdiNation Free product.

You need an account to be able to obtain a valid API key that is used to authenticate you in both EDI API and the Web EDI translator.

You can also elect to sign in with Azure Active Directory instead of creating a new account (includes GitHub login).


If you had created a free account first and then purchased a plan using the same email address, we'll upgrade the free account instead of creating a new one.


Subscribe to the Free Product

Sign In and then:

  1. Click on "EdiNation Free"


  2. Type in a subscription name


  3. Finally, click the "Subscribe" button



Your Subscriptions

The "Subscriptions" menu displays all your subscriptions, including the "Free" plan or your purchased plan.


Each subscription comes with two valid API keys - Primary and Secondary. Use the Primary key as your API key to access:

  • EDI API - set it as an HTTP header parameter Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key = {Primary key}
  • The Web EDI Translator - set it up here

To view the API key, click on "Show"


The reason for having both a Primary and a Secondary key is to be able to change the API key without interruption, e.g. if a new API key is generated, all existing services can use the other key, before the change is propagated across all services and applications consuming the API.


Installing your API key

Once you have obtained an API key (see the previous paragraph), copy the Primary key and:

  • Install it in the browser for the Web EDI Translator:


  • Set it as an HTTP header when requesting the API:



View Usage Data

Every plan comes with a quota that defines how many API calls you are allowed for the duration of your term, when does throttling kicks in, and what happens after you've reached your quota limits.

Every request to our API is measured as an API call. Upon reaching the quota limit and depending on your plan, any subsequent API calls will either fail (for plans without overage) or incur an overage fee per API call (as specified in the plan).

We alert developers via email when they are approaching 85% of their quota limit and have reached 100% of their quota limit.

The quota period starts at the time of your subscription and ends after the specified number of days according to your plan (usually 30 days) from that time.

Web EDI Translator uses two API calls every time you click any of the translation buttons, one API call for translation and one API call for validation.

The quota is shared between EDI API and Web EDI Translator when they are used with the same API key.

To view your usage data select the "Reports" menu:



How to Upgrade your Account

If you want to upgrade your free account to a paid account, either head on over to to purchase a plan or contact us at to discuss a tailored option.

Given that you used the same email address for the free account and to purchase a paid plan, your free account will be upgraded and a new subscription for the paid plan will be added to your subscriptions.


How to Cancel your Account

To cancel your account head on to the developer portal and select the "Account" menu.


Click on the "Close account" button to close your account. This will remove all the history of your usage for all previous periods.

This will only delete your developer account and subscriptions. To cancel your payments account you need to contact us at at least 1 day before the end of your term otherwise you will continue to be billed.

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